Making Cents

Meet Amber and Brian, your affable helpers from Navy Federal Credit Union, ready to accompany you through the twists, turns, and unexpected angles of the financial landscape.

When our friends at Navy Federal Credit Union first introduced us to Amber and Brian, through a series of informative and educational scripts, we were smitten.

Enthused by the prospect of constructing a series that demystifies the intricacies of finance, we embarked on a journey of collaboration.

Starting with insightful scripts and drawing from the authentic personalities of Amber and Brian (yes, they’re actual Navy Federal Credit Union employees!), we co-created their unique world — a seamless blend of live explanations and animated visuals. Through meticulous storyboards and brainstorming sessions, our team breathed life into Amber and Brian’s universe.

To maintain a lively pace and a touch of humor, we refined our props and set, creating a liminal space fit for clever sight gags and interactive elements. Our Director, Owen Lang, led a dynamic team to sculpt the videos’ rhythm and personality. Art direction honed in on key components, ensuring the viewer’s focus remained on the valuable information and comedic elements. Our team created lively animations to help unpack and visualize the concepts being conveyed and extended the visual language of Navy Federal Credit Union to represent these topics.

Crafted with a delightful mix of joy and expertise, these videos found a home on Navy Federal Credit Union’s YouTube channel, captivating tens of thousands of viewers. The audience couldn’t get enough of Amber and Brian, prompting us to embark on a second series just six months later.

This project not only left us immensely satisfied with the outcome but also brought a sense of fulfillment as we assisted a ton of folks in understanding the nuances of finance.

Making financial education enjoyable?
Now, that truly makes sense.

Making Cents