One shoot – many spots

We had an amazing opportunity to partner with PBS KIDS to create five distinct Brand IDs, that would pique the imagination of their audience and highlight the relationship between the network and the children it is committed to nurturing. The IDs would ultimately live on traditional broadcast channels as well as their digital and social platforms and be produced in incremental lengths from :06-:15 seconds in multiple aspect ratios.

With over 50 unique deliverables in total – a solid, well laid plan was crucial.

These spots were a great success and were ultimately nominated for a Children’s and Family Emmy® Award in the Promotional Announcement Category.

Panoramic approach

Seamless process

Our creative team collaborated with PBS KIDS Director, Jason Spencer, to create style frames, shooting boards, and motion and vfx tests that ensured we were aligned with his vision and aided in concept development. 

Handling production, as well as post, gave us the advantage of approaching the project with a holistic perspective. Decisions made during pre-production and on the shoot were made keeping the editorial and vfx in mind, allowing for the creative to really shine while maximizing efficiency down the stretch.

Cerebral Lounge was essential to the success of the PBS KIDS Brand ID spots. From storyboarding and pre-visual special effects tests to the stop motion choreography of a hot cocoa mug, all the way through a flawless edit of 50+ unique spots – their talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic team was with us throughout the creative process.

It was a match made in production heaven. And they let me keep the fishbowl!

Jason Spencer

Director, PBS KIDS Original Productions

Way too much fun

Once in post, Cerebral Lounge editor JP Hertel and PBS KIDS animators worked closely to integrate the hide and seek playing logo in “Haystacks” and the paper fish in “Fish Bowl”. These elements played fundamental roles in the spots so they had to be perfect. 

Cerebral Lounge Colorist & VFX artist Rob Brown replaced skies, fixed fly away hay, removed stand in actors, replaced bicycle rigs, keyed in PBS KIDS neighborhoods and added steam and extra marshmallows. Then JP got to work on the process of creating many, many, many versions.

Stop motion, drones, chalk drawing, transporting and building haystacks, imaginary fish, lots and lots of blue and green marshmallows… this project had it all and we had a blast bringing it all together.