Hey, Hon! Once again Cerebral Lounge teamed up with the American Advertising Federation Baltimore to produce the annual Baltimore ADDYS Awards Ceremony. This year’s event was also the first in person awards ceremony for the AAFB in two years. The golden age of film was the theme of this year’s big event, which was held at the iconic Baltimore Senator Theater. The beautiful and historic venue served as the foundation for all of our designs. We drew inspiration from classic movies, film posters, and typography of that era and reimagined them with a uniquely Baltimore twist.

Our lighthearted show open and supporting graphics paired with the custom music and whimsical sound design provided by our sister companies Noise Distillery and Clean Cuts elevated the evening to red carpet levels. To round out the experience, we created movie posters from our original artwork that were printed and placed throughout the lobby of the theater making the night feel like a true Hollywood premiere. Thanks to our friends at the AAFB, we truly had a blast showcasing our skills on the big screen.